Feeding My Soul in the Georgia Low Country  – By Tamara Kirk

Feeding My Soul in the Georgia Low Country – By Tamara Kirk

There’s a feeling you experience going around the round-about at Frederica and Demere.  It hits your senses first beginning with your sense of smell… the sense of deliciousness wafting through the air. Smokey, BBQ, cooking in the new smoke house.  Next you remember you’re in the low country of southeast Georgia on an island with a quaint village.  

Here at Southern Soul BBQ you watch the world go by, sometimes a bit taken by how close the puddle jumper aircraft fly overhead, landing in what looks to be nail biting precision, on the island runways just across the street. You remember the many times you rode your bicycle complete with a basket and old fashioned foot brakes, to pick up takeout of Southern Soul BBQ or sit at the bar enjoying a cold brew while you wait. It was 15 years ago that we came from out west to St Simons Island for a wedding, returning every summer, drawn back to refresh our souls. It kept calling, until we became full time residents.  

If you had asked me if this was in my future 25 years past, it wouldn’t have crossed my mind.  But like many, the sounds and smells of this quaint place enters the soul.  Now, I am a “Southern soul”.  I think Southern Soul BBQ knew all along.



Southern Soul BBQ
Southern Soul BBQ
Tamara Kirk

Tamara Kirk - Contributing author

Tamara Kirk, has worked in the field of Human Resources (HR) over 20 years in various industries from manufacturing and municipalities to non-profits. She graduated with an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver and holds several certifications in HR. She spends free time enjoying St Simons Island with her husband, Jim, retired, and her son, Ian when he’s home from college, and family in Atlanta. A favorite pastime is learning special recipes, southern cooking, eating out, watching food networks, and following news, politics. She is also interested in writing, art, history and archeology.

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