Years Past

I know that most of the people from my generation were brought up in church, whether Baptist, Catholic, or any other religion we spent Sunday morning in Sunday School and then church services. Now don’t panic this not going to be an article on religion I promise. This is going to be a walk through my past. When I was young my family attended a church in Hapeville Georgia, which is still considered inside the perimeter of Atlanta. This church was less than 2 miles from Atlanta International Airport and was set in an old neighborhood. Faith Baptist Church was the quintessential Southern Baptist Church.  White two-level building with sanctuary on top and class rooms on the bottom. It also had a separate building known as a fellowship hall. This is where everyone would eat on those special occasions like Homecoming.

Homecoming, for a Southern Baptist church is like the feast for an Army. The older generation, like my Grandmother, Mother and Aunts would prepare food on Friday and Saturday for this wonderful event. Then Sunday came and everyone was ready to eat as soon as the alarm clock went off that morning. As kids we could hardly sit still because of the anticipation, and the preacher, Brother Dunn would move through his sermon quickly because he knew how excited we were. At the end of the sermon he would ask the ladies to excuse them to the fellowship hall and then he would bless the food.

All of you should remember how your mother fixed your plate when you were a child but then as you got a little older you could fix your own plate with a small amount of assistance. Well I was always watched closely because I always went to the desert table first. After all southern woman cook the best deserts right. Now I’m not saying that the other food wasn’t good because believe me when I say, I didn’t get to be a robust one hundred pounds by the fifth grade for no reason lol.

One of my favorite deserts back then was Coca-cola cake and no body made it better than Mrs. Louise Manning. Mrs. Manning is gone now, rest her soul but that recipe was preserved and can be made to bring back all those fine wonderful memories. I miss those days at Faith Baptist, and the fellowship we shared with a family that were not all blood related.    

Mike Cannon - Contributing author

A southern boy, born and bred. He was born in Atlanta Georgia, and has lived in some part of the state all his life. He currently resides in Ringgold Georgia which is a bedroom community to Chattanooga Tennessee. Growing up in the south has given him a unique prospective of the culture and tremendous knowledge of the food that the southeastern United States is so proud of. He enjoys watching the Braves in the summer, the Bulldogs in the fall, and NASCAR in the late winter. He is an avid hunter and fisher. He loves a good party and once you get to know him you have a friend for life. Mike will be a regular columnist on our site, sharing stories about his life in the south, it will be up to you to determine which of these are true and which are simply tales. ​